About Me

If you are reading this then you have stumbled across my humble healthy food blog, so welcome! My name is Tor (short for Victoria) and I am a qualified Level 3 Nutrition Advisor (accredited by the Association of Nutrition), and currently in training with the well respected Precision Nutrition as a certified Sports Nutrition Coach. I am also a CrossFit addict and overall food nut. I love talking about it, working with it and of course eating it! My love of food began around 5 years ago, after starting a new job and quickly getting involved in a weekly cake meeting (to help with moral of course). It soon became apparent that eating cake every Thursday was not exactly healthy or sustainable, and so my adventure into healthy cooking began.

After suffering with a number of health complaints (skin issues, hormone imbalances, anxiety, IBS and auto-immune issues), and seeing my friends and family deal with similar issues, I became disillusioned with doctors and the world of medicine, that only sought to superficially fix the symptoms rather than target the root cause. I became fascinated with how food influences how we feel, how we look and how we perform, and how powerful just eating the right things can be.

Of course with the latest eating ‘clean’ and wellness trends that have exploded in the last few years, which often encourage unnecessary detoxing or ‘cleansing’ – they are not only unhealthy but can often make matters worse. I had tried and tested almost every fad diet or fashionable superfood, and more often than not been disappointed every time. It got to a point where I was teetering on the edge of orthorexia – which ironically is an eating disorder where eating ‘clean’ and healthy becomes an unhealthy obsession.

Nowadays I am a firm believer in balance. Sure it’s great to have goals of physically feeling and looking good, but when that comes at the expense of your mental health then something is wrong. I don’t like labeling the way I eat because restrictions add unnecessary stress and anxiety. It’s almost like someone constantly telling you to not think of a purple elephant (you’re thinking of it now aren’t you?).

Because everybody is unique and reacts to food differently, good nutrition is one of those never-ending learning adventures. As a natural problem-solver, I am always digging deep into the science behind food, and looking at the reasons behind the ailments and how something as simple as good food can help. I am always working on improving my nutritional knowledge, and have recently qualified as a Nutritional Advisor with Future Fit Training, so that I can work with people to help improve their lifestyle and eating habits.

My recipes focus on using healthy, affordable and easy to digest food, with no (depending on how literal you want go) refined ingredients that are devoid of nutrition. Similar to the Paleo diet, I avoid refined sugar and try not to consume too many grains, so I have included many recipes that have grain or wheat alternatives.

Healthy food doesn’t have to be expensive, fussy or time-consuming, because what is the point in an elaborate and costly recipe if no one has the time or money to make it? This is why I wanted to start this ‘unrefined’ food blog, to charter my own path in the murky waters of food and nutrition, giving advice that has worked for me and others, and sharing wholesome food ideas that I love. Sometimes healthy food habits get led astray, and that’s ok – what matters is how it makes you feel. So if that pizza on a Friday night gives you that warm fuzzy feeling after a week of being good to yourself – then have at it. Healthy food is not a means to an end or a temporary diet fix, it’s a positive and sustainable lifestyle change that means lasting results. So what are you waiting for? 🙂


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